At Gandapps we provide a wide range of Healthcare technology solutions for hospitals and clinics in Uganda. These solutions include biometric patient identification, information management, networking, computers, data storage and data analytics. Our team of experienced professionals works tirelessly to ensure that we provide our clients in the medical industry with the latest and secure IT solutions. Whether you are a big pharmaceutical company or a healthcare research center, Smart HMS provides you with the exact tools you need to manage all your medical data.

Cognitive Healthcare in Uganda

Smart HMS is pioneering a new partnership between humanity and technology with the goal of transforming global health. Cognitive systems that understand, reason and learn are helping people expand their knowledge base, improve their productivity and deepen their expertise. With cognitive computing, we are now able to see health data that was previously hidden, and do more than we ever thought possible.

How Cognitive Is Helping: From advanced personal training to cancer treatment, from clinical trial matching to insulin pumps that think, Smart HMS is transforming the way organizations deliver health and wellness.


Smart HMS®

Gandapps Smart HMS® is an integrated hospital information management system for healthcare providers. Smart HMS is more than just software, it is a technology platform that enables hospitals, clinics and pharmacies capture, record, view, search and analyze patient's medical data. Smart HMS is integrated with machine learning tools and business intelligence tools which help reveal unforeseen insights from both structured and unstructured medical data.

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Gandapps healthcare productivity

Increased Productivity

The measure of a patient’s overall health goes beyond medical and genomic conditions. In fact, almost 75% of a patient’s status is affected by a host of lifestyle factors like access to shelter, education, income and more. To achieve better and more sustainable outcomes, Smart HMS allows health and human services employees to see data related to these external factors which can help them transform current systems of care to focus on the holistic health of their patients.

Gandapps healthcare discovery

Accelerate Discovery

Gandapps Smart HMS solutions can help accelerate insights that can help elevate the quality of care across the globe. Cognitive systems can understand, reason and learn, helping to spur discovery and decrease the effort required to effectively populate research studies.

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Ready to upgrade up your next-generation healthcare delivery systems? We’ll help you do real time analysis up to 10 times faster than with other systems. Slimface systems can handle a country's largest medical data analysis, scaling nearly linearly up to tens of thousands of nodes. And big data platforms such as Hadoop can provide significant performance benefits for large scale medical applications.

Gandapps gives you more than speed. We simplify time-to-operation by building key analytics software right into our system architecture. You can improve the productivity of your software development team by a factor of three, even as you explore datasets that are three times larger — or more.

Because Gandapps builds capability systems, you get speed and flexibility with less computational infrastructure than commodity systems would require. And Gandapps systems scale hand in hand with your growing workload.

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