Get Leading Technology, ... And A Smart Partner

The financial services industry operates under ever-intensifying pressure. From meeting new market demands, mitigating cyber attacks to capitalizing on big data opportunities, firms face increasingly complex problems and yet they are required to respond quickly, through financial risk analytics and more, to manage risk and stay ahead of the competition. Gandapps is here to provide your financial services with a new touch of the leading technologies in big data, cloud computing and cyber security.

Arming yourself with a proven technology partner is the first step in adapting to a changing business environment. Gandapps brings many years of experience in complex software development and unchallenged leadership in information systems to every product and solution we deliver. — we help you stay competitive in your industry.

Risk management: Enhance risk management capabilities while significantly reducing TCO.

Trading strategies: Massively increase strategy discovery and back-testing throughput at the same time, keeping costs lower than with traditional commodity clusters.

Quantitative finance: The world’s most capable accelerated systems.

Regulatory compliance: Using graph computing at a massive scale to revolutionalize compliance and investigatory efficiency.

Financial Crime

How do you find the needle in the haystack cost effectively, quickly and without too many false positives? This is the key question for insurance fraud, trader surveillance and others. Gandapps’s graph technology enables complex anomaly detection from many data sources, moving beyond the inflexibility and inaccuracy of traditional rules-based systems, at the scale necessary to be useful and uncompromising.

Cyber Security

Like financial crime, this is about finding needles in haystacks from many data sources. Software partners approach Gandapps because they understand that anomaly detection is easy with graph but tough to do at scale. With Gandapps cybersecurity anomalies can be rapidly spotted and investigated at lightning speed, transforming your defensive capability.