Gandapps Enterprise

Gandapps Enterprise Management System

Gandapps Enterprise is the leading integrated information management system for companies and organizations to efficiently manage and monitor; Sales, Procurement, Production, Distribution, Accounting, Human Resources, Asset Management, Business Intelligence, E-Commerce, Performance Monitoring, Customer Services (CRM), and many more custom modules.

Gandapps Enterprise is an Information Management System that is built to empower enterprises with the latest technologies for information and data management. Gandapps Enterprise is a suite integrated applications that enable organizations to collect, store, manage, and interpret data from these many business activities. Gandapps Enterprise provides an integrated and continuously updated view of core business processes using common database management system so third part tools can be used to access this data.


Sales & Marketing
Distribution (SCM)
Asset Management
Performance Monitoring
Procurement (SRM)
Business Intelligence
Customer Services (CRM)
Production (PLM)
Human Resources
Custom Modules

Gandapps Enterprise helps to track business resources i.e cash, raw materials, production capacity, and the status of business commitments: orders, purchase orders, and payroll. The applications that make up the system share data across various departments (manufacturing, purchasing, sales, accounting, etc.) that provide the data. Gandapps Enterprise facilitates information flow between all business functions.

Gandapps Enterprise integrates varied organizational systems and facilitates error-free transactions and production, thereby enhancing the organization's efficiency. The Gandapps Data Platform runs on a variety of computer hardware and network configurations, typically using a database as an information repository.