Empowering people, organizations and communities in Uganda with the tools to build a better social, and technologically advanced Uganda. We collaborate with individuals, entrepreneurs, organizations and businesses. Contact us today and we discuss, how we can develop a mutually beneficial and long term partnership.

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Economies and societies are being rapidly transformed by technology. As a result, digital skills are becoming essential to the jobs of today and tomorrow. One of the greatest challenges we face is ensuring everyone has access to the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. As technology advances, we're committed to ensuring people aren't left behind.

In Communities

Technology can be a powerful force for social and economic inclusion and for addressing the many challenges facing our communities. Gandapps is working towards empowering start-ups and nonprofit organizations in Uganda with technology, grants, and employee giving, we're investing in building stronger and more resilient communities and organizations in Uganda.

Systemic Change

The issues behind social and economic exclusion are complex and bigger than any one organization can handle. Addressing them requires a long-term view and a systemic approach founded upon insights, commitment, and partnerships. We have an opportunity and an obligation to foster collective action in Uganda. We partner with start-ups and organizations to achieve success.

Annual ICT Convention


Annual ICT Convention

Celebrating ICT in Uganda

Uganda Open Source Foundation


Uganda Open Source Foundation

Supporting free & open technology.



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